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Our Story

At Star Spangled Tea, we started out as lovers of America — and lovers of great tea. Then we realized that those two passions aren’t mutually exclusive. America has always had a soft spot for tea. Think about it. We first asserted our independence by demonstrating that we would either do without it — or we would make it ourselves! The Boston Tea Party launched two revolutions. One that led to the formation of our country and one that led to our own singular tea blends.  

We bring you America’s TeaTime. Star Spangled Tea is an  American tea company — a true liberty-loving tea brand, meticulously sourced to create the highest quality heritage blends. Owned by a U.S. Army Iraq war veteran and his wife, an elementary school teacher, Star Spangled Tea highlights the cultural importance and health benefits of top-tier American classic tea.

From our Florida tea and Georgia tea to our forthcoming American herbal collection, tea is our drink of choice. You’ll notice how a good cup of tea won’t leave you jittery like most coffee or soda. Plus, unlike other beverages, it isn’t bitter or bland and doesn’t require excessive sugar to offset its flavor.

There’s nothing like enjoying a reflective moment of solitude with a cup of tea in hand, whether you’re in your kitchen, in your office, or out in nature. For those introspective mornings or relaxing evenings, a soothing cup of Star Spangled tea serves as the perfect companion. Star Spangled Tea believes tea can bring people together. It’s part of our American heritage. Every one of our unique teas contributes to a larger story — and we invite you to be a part of that story.

Our Mission

To support communities, veterans, and our national parks through a standout product and clear philanthropic initiatives.

Our Values

Celebrating and furthering the culture and varied flavors of the United States of America.

Our Vision

Liberty, Fortitude, Freedom, and Excellence.

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