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Ranger’s Choice Green Tea

America’s only native grown caffeinated plant, Yaupon tea, has a rich and storied history that predates the birth of our nation. Consumed by Native Americans and early colonists alike, this remarkable tea has been an integral part of American culture for centuries. At Star Spangled Tea, we take immense pride in introducing our Ranger’s Choice Green Tea, a blend that honors the legacy of the US Army Rangers. Touted to have been utilized during the strenuous survival phase of their training, our blend celebrates the resolute spirit of these elite soldiers.
Our Ranger’s Choice Green Tea is proudly grown in the USA, ensuring an authentically American experience with every sip. Abundant in antioxidants, Yaupon tea offers a myriad of health benefits and contains roughly 30% less caffeine than coffee. This wondrous Super plant delivers a smooth, jitter-free energy boost without the dreaded crash. So, why not indulge in a cup of nourishing American history today and experience the invigorating taste of Ranger’s Choice Green Tea?
Ingredients: Yaupon leaves
Antioxidant: Very High
Caffeine Content: Low


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